Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Dark Side

I have a dark side.
I swear that I do.
Sometimes it tries to take over,
I just bow to it gracefully
And say,

"Hello, how are you?
I know you've been here before
And you will visit again.
I know you so well.
I call you my friend.

You can hang around.
I know you will,
Only around the edges
Just enough to keep things real."


  1. So nice and so true. You have weaved the poem well....

  2. It's brave of you to accept your dark side as your friend. Many people don't do that and they become depressed. Accepting your dark side is the first step towards peace. If there wouldn't have been darkness, then would we see light?

  3. :) Made me smile...loved the fluidity of this poem...Like it S. M. LEISINGER

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