Saturday, July 17, 2010

Striving to Express Spiritual Perception

Being a poet is about perception. My senses trigger thoughts and feelings. I feel the strongest desire to write when I have just had what I call a spiritual experience. I believe I am a poet because I have these experiences and desire to share them, not because I love to write. Living in this world is what inspires me. Being a poet is about being alive, observing and experiencing the world around me.

Revelation While Mowing the Lawn

I don't believe in God anymore
I know Him.
What a wonderful feeling,
To realize His presence
Within my everyday life.
I do not need to seek Him.
He is already here.
I sense His presence,
Within the light that He shares.

I will spend the rest of my days
Striving to express
What I see and feel
When I am touched by His hand.
In music,
In words,
In a dance.

I don't need faith anymore.
I know He is real.
I have always known,
What I have given religion
A time to kill.

We are one now
Side by side
Glimpse by glimpse
I know now I belong to Him
And His words are truth
Written in my heart
He is my love
My Hope
My dream
My inspiration.

Sharla Leisinger
July 17th 2010


  1. Not just a lovely poem, but a giant leap forward in your journey with Him. Congratulations on both.

  2. got caught by your poem from the beginning...I don't believe in God anymore - I know this and love how you describe this wonderful relationship

  3. This is so beautiful and you are a beautiful poet. I'm finding firm faith in Him and once you get so deep in God, faith becomes something else.
    I miss your posts, Sharla!!

  4. Beautiful poem. loved

    In music,
    In words,
    In a dance.

  5. Liked soooo much...can't express in words!