Friday, May 7, 2010

Simple Life

I live a simple life. I like it that way. I enjoy getting up in the morning and watching the sun rise. I was diagnosed with Hodgekin's Lymphoma 10 years ago and the first thing I did on the drive home after I was told the news was pray to God that I could live because I would miss the sun rise. I am not sure if they have sun rises on the other side of existance, but sun rises are all I know. Something inside of me changed significantly on that day and I have not seen the world the same way since. On my 5 year check-up my oncologist told me I was cured. He also told me that when I die it will be because of something else besides cancer. I am very grateful. I have returned to innocence and plan on living the rest of my life watching the sun rise and letting the beauty of this world shine through the shadows of pain and suffering.


  1. What a lovely post. Life is such a blessing and all the things that God has given us don't cost a thing but time, to watch and see that it is all good!

  2. great news that you have survived that nasty crab!

    it took my sis far before anyone was ready for her departure from this realm...