Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Lady Bug and Green Tea

I lay on my side in the daybed, drinking a cup of green tea, with my grandmothers quilt covering me and a twenty pound, longhair, grey tabby laying at my feet. His name was Lucky and he was my protector. I was finally finished with the radiation treatments and it was time to reflect, on life I suppose. I sat the cup of tea down on the table next to the bed and a ladybug found her way to its edge. I began watching her make her way around the edge of my tea cup. She just kept going around and around. I felt sympathy for her because I have been there myself. Not on the edge of a tea cup, but going around in circles just the same. She could not see very far and I am sure the cup seemed huge and there was no end to it. There were no corners to turn, no left, no right, no up or down. I lay there, just watching her, wondering how many times she would keep traveling around the edge. Then in one moment she flew away, off to another exploration I suppose. I was so excited for her and for me, because I knew that I was spreading my wings and flying off to begin a new exploration also. Thank you little ladybug where ever you are for inspiring me to let go of my endless journey and fly away to a new land.


  1. Sharla,
    This is beautiful.
    A good cup of tea, a good quilt and a Lady Bug....the perfect remedy!

  2. Sharla, That was such a beautiful piece. I know I will be there soon...ready to spread my wings again and fly onto a new adventure in life. I will soon be done with the empty waiting and Mary-go-round of treatment. That ladybug said a whole lot and you told the story so beautifully. It gave me hope, thank you!