Tuesday, April 27, 2010

All I Want To Do

All I want to do is love
And share;
All I want to do is create,
build and care;
All I want to do is right
And strong;
All I want is freedom
And a gentle song.

All I want to do is live
And grow;
All I want to do is feel
Learn and know;
All I want to do is run
And dance;
All I want to do is breathe
And give life a chance.

I want to feel the rain on my face,
The air's warm embrace,
The tree's towering control
And the rustle of my soul.

Written by S.M. Leisinger (of course)


  1. Hi, Sharla :

    I see you really did like Mourning Tree as you posted it on facebook. It is hard to keep on with a new blog. But followers will come.

    I have a favor, cyber hat in hand. I've entered Melissa Marr's short story contest. Would you mind checking out my entry ?


    If you like it, please vote for it. If not, still thanks for going the 2nd mile for me. If you decide to submit yourself, send me the link, and I'll warp-speed over there and return the favor. Promise.

    May The Father grant you strength and light for mid-week, Roland

  2. I really enjoyed this poem. I feel like if I focused on these things, life would be even more lovely! I'm following.