Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rainy Day

I guess I could say that it is a dark and dismal day, a day without sunshine but since it is actually raining and isn't too dark or dismal, "Rainy Day" will do.

I do not know who I might be writing this for, myself I guess. There is a place deep inside of me that seems to say otherwise and I am listening. That is why I am here blogging. I am basically a very shy person and not used to talking about myself, so creating a journal that literally anyone can read is just a bit scary and unusual for me. Growing up with four older brothers has encouraged me to feel basically invisible most of my life and I believe that I have gotten used to it. I did struggle with the desire to try something fancy or impressive. I have decided against it. I have chosen to simply move my fingers on the keyboard and see what comes out.

It has been a wonderful day
In a simple sort of way.
I watched dust turn into clay.

I watched my cat dodge raindrops as he made his way across the yard. He slid sideways in an attempt to make it underneath my truck. He succeeded. About a hour later I opened the front door, and he bolted out from under the truck picking up speed almost instantaneously up to approximately 90 miles an hour. He made it through the front door. I had my towel ready. I wrapped him up and dried him off. He snuggle with me a little. Life just doesn't get any better.

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